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Stereotype Song Hetalia X Reader
You were sitting at the world meeting table, Infront of you was your laptop and earbuds in your ear. You had gone from watching Tyler Oakley, to Pewdiepie, to Your Favorite Martian. You had managed to wander to the  stereotype song. Wondering what it was about.
Clicking on it, the catchy music started. You listened to the lyrics. Your eyes widened and you burst out laughing. You looked up the lyrics and got an idea.
This was perfect!
Gladly nobody else was there yet,so you had enough time to set up your hilarious plan.
Every nation flooded in. Sitting in a chair. The meeting was going to start in 2 minutes and you sat in your same spot with a huge grin. 
"Hey (y/n) What's up?" You heard America say,Looking up you noticed him approaching you.
"Oh hey America, everything is just great!" You giggled. He gave you a slight qu
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Loki x Child!Reader :Oneshot: Magic
Being the only five year old, or rather only child in general, on the helicarrier things tend to get rather boring. You were currently walking through the halls trying to avoid getting in the way of the busy agents. Then something green and full of light caught your attention. You quickly followed after it. The thing turned out to be a luminous green butterfly. A wide smile crossed your features as you got closer to it. You followed the strange butterfly trying to catch it. It turned the corner quickly and you followed suit, running into someone.
"(F/n)? What are you doing running about the halls?" Thor asked pulling you back up to your feet. You still had that smile plastered to your face as you brushed yourself off.
"I'm trying to catch the green butterfly." He looked at youslightly confused.
"Well alright then, just try and be more careful okay?" You nodded in responce and moved around him so you could continue on your quest to capture the butterfly. You looked around a while before
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Tokyo Ghoul Uta cosplay by LALAax Tokyo Ghoul Uta cosplay :iconlalaax:LALAax 6,979 322 Tokyo Ghoul by Lo-wah Tokyo Ghoul :iconlo-wah:Lo-wah 4,696 137 Tokyo Ghoul by kittysophie Tokyo Ghoul :iconkittysophie:kittysophie 1,379 76
(Amon x Ghoul!Reader) Monster
You sat with your back against the wall, slouched over lazily in your cell room. There was only a small, measly bed and a urinal. Yes, a urinal. Apparently, not many women were condemned to your fate to rotting in CCG's hell. But whatever; it's not like you minded. You'd rather piss somewhere sanitary or not at all. 
The sound of keys jingling captured your attention, and you stood up to stretch out your arms, yawning. Your muscles ached in every way. The CCG had done experiments on you, injecting and poking you with various needles filled with strangely colored liquids, all the while trying to figure out why they couldn't remove your kagune or the sac that made you a ghoul. 
They've tried numerous times, failing miserably. In the end, they decided to throw you into the Ghoul Detention Center and allowed you to wither in silence. 
You listened to the footsteps of the individual who entered the cell hall, and sniffed the air. 
Your sense of smell was weak
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 292 16
Hetalia x reader this one girl
Some major OCness ok enjoy
Italy: be have you heard of this one girl with such luscious lips that are so kissable 
Germany: ja she's a really beauty *blushes * 
America: yeah dude she has like the cutest laugh ever!!
England: she has the most beautiful eyes 
Prussia: and she's a totally awesome girl almost as awesome as me 
Russia: da and the prettiest smile ever 
France : and the shinies' 'air a girl could 'ant 
Spain: she's a bright and gorgeous girl any girl would be jealous of her
Romano: the way she walks with a nice sway 
China: and guess what 
Japan: what?
China: she's reading this right now 
:icondarkange13579:darkange13579 294 87
Capes by o-rlyization Capes :icono-rlyization:o-rlyization 1,056 77 The Name Game by o-rlyization The Name Game :icono-rlyization:o-rlyization 1,149 174 Birth control is not a mutant power by o-rlyization Birth control is not a mutant power :icono-rlyization:o-rlyization 2,757 330
Teacher!Sousuke x Student!Reader- Problems
"Oi, (Name)." You spun around and saw your very handsome teacher (and boyfriend) walking towards you. "Mm, what's wrong Sensei?" You always remembered to call him 'sensei' when you were in school so as not to raise attention.
"Did you have fun this weekend?" You nodded. You had thought of an ingenious idea to go pick apples with Sousuke for Thanksgiving. You ended up getting 10 bags full of the juicy fruit.
"Well, I need you to do me a favour..." He motioned for you to follow him. You ended up in his classroom. "What's up?" You asked as you sat on top of his desk. He looked a bit... Flustered, you could say.
"I-I have a... Err... Problem." You could have sworn you saw the man's ears go red. "Eh? Problem? What happened?" You asked worriedly, hoping to help him as much as you could.
"Well... It's... E-embarrassing..." He hid his face from you. Your interest piqued. Did he spill soup on someone by accident? Or walk into a door?
"Come on~ You can tell me!" You cheered happily. "Y-you... Ca
:iconanimepikachu:animepikachu 177 61
Peter Parker x Reader ~ DAD!
You were sitting on the couch, with your precious boyfriend, Peter Parker, aka Spiderman, or Spidey. You were sure you loved him, and he loved you more than his own life. Though he didn't want to rush things so you have never... you know what. Bees and birds... to the point! You were sitting with him, on the couch, trying to focus on your book, as much as he was trying to focus on his. But you both were distracting each other just by existing. Finally he sighed heavily and put the book down, as you grinned with victory on your face.
"I won." You smirked and closed the book. "What would I get as a reward?" You purred silently looking at him closely. He smiled and opened his arms.
"C'mere (Nickname)." You willingly cuddled up to him, burying your face in his chest. God he was warm and so comfortable. "Happy?"
"You have no idea." You hummed hugging him tightly. "God you're a wonderful bed Peter. I'm gonna keep you." He chuckled slightly as you groaned. "Don't you dare move! I just got com
:iconbrodreravn:BrodreRavn 521 78
LokixReader- Green Scarf
You sighed as you hurried down the street with just a jacket on, why didn't you bring a thick coat? Oh that's right...You just left your boyfriend's apartment after having a argument when a woman walked out from the apartment, you soon learned he had cheated on you three times with three different women. You furiously wiped the tears from your eyes, you didn't bring a coat on your way out so that was not good at all. You sighed, it didn't matter, that was an old coat and it was his coat after all so he can have it! You had clothes under your jacket, about three layers so you weren't that bad.
You grumbled as you continued to walk down the street, sadness and anger bubbled in your veins at the thought, you and your ex Frank had been dating just after College, so discovering him cheating on you really hurt you, and you couldn't bring yourself to hate the three girls, because you had chatted to the girl when she left his apartment, she was confused when you had explained he was your boyfr
:iconglitteryglow:GlitteryGlow 514 54
Embarrassing Photograph -Bucky x Reader
A fitted shirt was quickly put on.
Tight yoga pants hugged your curves nicely.
But more importantly you grabbed your iPod and stuck both earbuds in.
You gave a satisfied sigh, “Time for my jog!” You look outside the window to see the sun rising up over the horizon.
Taking a moment for yourself, the watched the sun steadily grow from a soft glowing orange to a ball of outreaching yellow. It graced itself up into the sky as if it owned it but yet still somehow free. You touched the window longingly.
‘I wonder what it would be like to be that free?’ A brief flash of anger filled your mind. You hadn’t wanted to become an Avenger. In fact you were forced to. Fury was overtly interested in your talent and powers that he wouldn’t take no for an answer.
Your fist clenched and the window you were touching vibrated. You kept making it vibrate until a hairline crack formed in front of your fist. You stopped before shaking your head. “I don’t
:iconkal-a-cas:Kal-a-Cas 885 173
Super Bad (Avengers X Teen! Reader) Pt. 3
You were scared shitless. How the hell did Loki get out of that indestructible cell? Or maybe the person behind you wasn't really Loki. You noticed that Loki was still in his cell, so whoever it was behind you, wasn't him. You looked at Loki inside of the cell, putting two fingers to your temple you tried to infiltrate the walls of his mind. You concentrated as hard as you could, but you couldn't get into his head, there seemed to be a block. Loki looked at you curiously almost like he knew what you were trying to do.
"Let me in dammit!" you screamed internally.
"Having trouble (y/n)?" Loki replied smugly, cocking his head at you.
"I'm trying to figure out what you're do-...." you stopped in your tracks "How do you know my name, are you a telepath too?" now you were really curious as to what game Loki was playing.
"Telepathy no. More along the lines of tricks" Loki smirked, priding himself for capturing your attention
"So then, who's behind me?" you turned around to see Loki, who had b
:iconlizzielaufeyson:Lizzielaufeyson 129 24
GOTG X Child!Reader: Prologue
Isolation. That's all I've felt. I'm a human or 'Terran' as they call it. This place is still new to me that I feel unsafe. How did I get here? Well, I was abducted by aliens and I escaped as fast as possible then I found myself here. "I've not even found Terran yet." I mumbled to myself quietly which was muffled by my tattered crimson-coloured scarf. My location was on Xandar in a dark alley where no one can notice me. Before I came here, I was separated from my big brother when he gave me a note which I reached for in my pockets. I pulled out a letter that has a box attached to it. "I can't even read this. He said it will tell me where to go to see someone." I whimpered in anxiety and fear. My gaze then switched from the note to the box that I refused to open. "Please, give me some kind of guidance." I pleaded to no one in particular until the box was snatched out of her hands. A snide little demented cat took something that I possess! "Hey! Give that back!" It ran, so I scrambled to
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